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Cualquier ocasión es buena para celebrar & nosotras somos las indicadas para acompañarte

​Todos nuestros servicios están diseñados para la diversión y recuerdos inolvidables de tus hijos

Hasta 6 niños

Duración: 2 horas

Hasta 10 niños

Duración: 4:30 horas

Hasta 10 niños

Duración: 3 horas

Hasta 1 niño

Duración: 40 minutos

Hasta 5 niños

Duración: 3:30 horas

Hasta 1 niño

Duración: 1.30 hora


Sobre nosotras

Somos una compañía de eventos mobile donde ofrecemos la oportunidad a todos los niños y niñas de tener un día de relajacion y diversion, que va desde un mi spa en cual serán consentidos, donde podrán crear y diseñar accesorios, se divertirán realizando desfiles en el cual podrán mostrar sus talentos.

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1050 East Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, Florida 34744.

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  • My child suffers from an allergy, should I notify you?
    Yes, we thank you for letting us know in this form what type of allergy your child has so that we can take care of him/her and ensure that he/she can also enjoy the activities without running any risk.
  • How far in advance can I make a reservation?
    One week before, for the benefit of you, our clients and our organization.
  • What is Sparkling Diva Mini Spa?
    We are a mini spa for kids, that offers to all boys and girls the opportunity to have a day of relaxation and fun, which goes from a mini spa where they will be pampered, create and design accessories, and enjoy a Fashion Show where they can express their talents. We have a suite location and offer mobile services.
  • How I can reserve the Sparkling Mini Suite Individual and Combo Services?
    You can make a reservation calling directly to us 6892009843.
  • Does Sparkling Diva Mini Spa have a waiver?
    Yes, we have an electronic waiver at the spa entrance for each child guest who will be at the event.
  • If I cancel my reservation, will I receive a refund?
    No, we do not do refunds. In case of natural disasters you can contact us to reschedule your event.
  • How can I reserve a service?
    Go directly to the Services section, choose the package you want, then fill out a form, after you choose the payment method and reserve (you will receive a confirmation email) or you can add to the cart and continue buying one our additional services.

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